Clear functionalities support the objectives of HSQE activities

Describing the Operating Environment

With Umbrella, you can identify your company’s external and internal stakeholders as well as their expectations of your operations. The software enables the description of the operating environment in a graphical nine-box grid: why the company exists and how it meets the expectations of stakeholders.

Risk management supports decision-making

Professional risk management is part of quality management. Risk orientation is also a central basis for decision-making in the standards 9001, 14001, 45001, and 27001. With Umbrella’s user-friendly risk assessment tool, you can manage the risks of the entire business. Risks can be targeted and classified as well as assess their occurrence and severity. This creates a risk level. The tool then defines control measures, assigns tasks to be monitored, and assigns responsibilities for the measures, after which the residual risk is assessed.

Surveys are part of a company’s knowledge capital

Customer, employee, and supplier surveys clearly indicate what respondents are satisfied with and what they are not. Identifying areas for improvement is essential, but it is equally important to recognize the aspects that respondents are satisfied with. Actions taken based on the responses strengthen the organization’s competitiveness.

Memos enhance communication

Umbrella’s e-forms are an effective tool for drafting memos. Once you are ready, print a PDF or send a notification about the memo’s completion for reading. The weekly or monthly memos of staff groups are saved in a listing view, where agreed tasks can be found as open or closed.

Data-driven management develops business

The visual representation of real-time data generates interest among staff: how have customer complaints and internal feedback contributed to continuous improvement, and how are environmental performance, occupational health, and safety evolving? Data-driven management becomes effective when the analysis of collected data helps in making business development actions.

Feedback is the key to development

Customer, consumer, and employee feedback are forms of information that enable a company to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. By utilizing customer feedback, a company can develop its existing products and/or services to be more customer-oriented. Discovering new business areas is also possible through customer feedback.

Registers maintain operational reliability

An electronic register database for your company’s managed fixed assets (machinery, equipment, steel, and glass registers) is part of the company’s knowledge capital. Maintaining the register is important because fixed assets have economic significance for the company, and their regular inspection, maintenance, or calibration is part of operational reliability.

REST-API -integrations


A software’s responsive design adapts to the user’s device, always transforming into a user-friendly form. A responsive layout looks good and works flawlessly not only on desktop computers but also when used on tablets or smartphones.

Responsiveness is extremely important as a large portion of users access Umbrella on mobile devices.

What can be done with the Umbrella HSQE software?

1. Digitize goals and monitoring

Communicate the company’s aims and objectives to the organization. Track the realization of goals in real-time and demonstrate compliance with requirements to stakeholders. Digitally manage the risks and opportunities of operations.

2. Strong environmental management

With Umbrella, a significant amount of information on environmental impacts and risks can be collected. By utilizing this information, you can improve your company’s environmental management. Gather environmental observations on mobile and manage environmental risks.

3. Communicate safety objectives and goals

You will receive a significant amount of information to aid in safety management. Safety observations can also be reported on mobile. You can improve occupational safety by utilizing the information extracted from reports. Address the safety risks of machinery, equipment, and the operating environment.

4. Self-monitoring under control

Manage standard and directive obligations related to services and products. When production journal entries are made digitally in Umbrella, you receive real-time verification of product manufacturing compliance. Umbrella contains easily accessible and usable information on procedures and work instructions, including process descriptions.

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